Friday 17 January 2014

Help from The Hive Mind?

Today we received an email from a reader asking for assistance:
'I was just wondering if you could advise which Op Shop is best for furniture in Canberra?

I would ideally like one that does home deliveries (for a fee of course)

I need a bed; couch, kitchen table & chairs etc, fridge, washing machine, the whole lot!

Any help appreciated,

kind regards,

Liz B'
Can you give Liz some guidance?


Taphophile said...

Salvos Fyshwick if you want a charity, but I reckon you'd be better off at one of the Green Sheds for the range you are after. Mugga Mugga has a sign up for someone who delivers, haven't seen one at Mitchell, though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I actually had never heard of the "Green Sheds" - Just had a look at their website, what a FANTASTIC idea, thanks heaps :-)Liz B

Unknown said...

Try Salvos at Phillip (Shop 7, Market Place) Cnr Hindmarsh & Botany Sts.
I don't go there that often but when I do they always have a fair range of furniture (a lot of sofas and chairs) and seem to have a fairly high turnover. So if you don't need everything all at once they might be worth visiting every couple of days to see what turns up.

Anonymous said...

Bess, great, thank you very much, Liz B