Thursday 9 January 2014

Thursday Thrifting Finds: Vinnies Woden

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A few weeks ago I headed to the south side of Canberra. I checked out the Salvo’s and Vinnies in Woden, but only came away with goodies from Vinnies. 

The score of the day had to be this Heartbreaker dress for $12. It's got a tie around the waist which I had thought of cutting off and replacing with a proper belt. What do you think? Keep it? Or lose it?
In case I decide to cut it off, I also bought a nice white wide belt for $5.
Still not sure if I prefer the tie or belt.
Maggie T jeans for $3.50 (all orange tags were half price, I would’ve paid $7 regardless). They fit well and are a great length. Total bargain!
I am not much of a glitzy girl, but for some reason I kept coming back to this shiny red bag. Perhaps it was my inner magpie coming out. I decided to part with my $7. I used it at my work Christmas party, much better than a Santa t-shirt or jingle bell earrings!
And lastly, for $3, an SBS documentary on Australian fashion designers. Something I will watch, get some inspiration, great ideas and thoughts on fashion, then, like a good book, forward onto a friend. Here is an excerpt from the section on Willow.
Heartbreaker Dress - $12
Maggie T Jeans - $3.50
White Belt - $5
Red Glittery Bag - $7
DVD - $3

Total amount spent: $30.50


Unknown said...

You look fab in the frock - I prefer it with the belt rather than the tie. And the sparkle arkle bag is fab!

Sarah xxx

Alison said...

Thanks Sarah, I think I prefer it with the belt too :)

Yvette Adams said...

I love the dress! And I like it with the tie, but either is lovely.

Alison said...

Thanks Yvette, it's a great style, I love it too. :)