Friday 31 July 2009

Aussie Junk - Mugga Closed - Mitchell still open.

I found this press release on the net.

Aussie Junk Mugga will be closing until a new service provider can be found, but Mitchell will still continue to operate. The only question with the Mitchell operation is, will be staffing changes there, and will there be a liquidators auction at Mugga?

The ACT Government advises residents of changes to the operation of the reusables facility at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.
This follows Aussie Junk being placed in liquidation earlier today following a meeting of their creditors. The reusables facility at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre will temporarily close from today until further notice. It is anticipated that the facility will open for the acceptance of goods in the near future.
“A public tender process will commence shortly to engage an operator for the Mugga Lane facility. It is anticipated that a new operator to accept and resell goods should be in the facility within three months,” said Chris Ware, Manager of ACT NOWaste.
“People will still be able to deposit reusable items at the Mitchell Resource Management Centre as Thiess Services, which has previously sub-contracted to Aussie Junk, transitions to take over management of this facility.”
Members of the public are encouraged to drop-off their reusables at the Mitchell facility or to one of the charities or businesses that accept second-hand goods for recycling or resale. Details of some of those organisations can be found in the Yellow Pages and on the Department of Territory and Municipal Services’ website
Aussie Junk voluntarily appointed an Administrator on 26 June 2009, with the appointment ratified by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission on 30 June. Following decisions taken at today’s meeting of creditors Aussie Junk Pty Ltd has been placed in liquidation.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Happiness... cheaper than a cup of coffee

You read that price tag right! $2, and such a cool 60's eames-ish shape too. I wish I had a full set of these for my dining table. Adopted by me last Sunday from Woden Salvos, when they seemed to have placed a whole heap of discounted furniture out the front of the store for clearance. I wonder if they do that every Sunday? Anyone know?

Inside they had a full dining set with four classic Breuer cane chairs. It took all my willpower not to buy them, knowing they would (A) not fit in my house, and (B) not even fit in my car to get home. But I hope somebody snaps them up quickly - I can't remember the price but it was a bargain. My parents had those chairs when I was younger, and I have such a soft spot for them! The last time I saw Breurs, they were suspended from the ceiling of the V&A Museum in London as part of a modern design furniture exhibit. I personally think they are the perfect family chair - comfortable, bouncy, and infinitely more practical than a fabric or leather dining chair. I can personally vouch that Spag Bol and curry stains wipe right off a Breuer.

(Forgot to take a photo, so this stock picture will have to do... although anyone who's planning on hunting them out in Woden should note that the Salvos ones are beech coloured, not black-trimmed)

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Just the basics

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)A lunch date in Kingston today meant a good excuse to check out the inner south op shops for a change. Where I stocked up on some basics:

Black jeans: $5, Vinnies Narrabundah
White T shirt: $3.50, Salvos Fyshwick
96 pocket CD case (to keep my backup discs in): $3, Vinnies Narrabundah
2 stainless steel mixing bowls with measurements on the side: $5 (3 litre) and $3 (1.5 litre), Salvos Fyshwick

While I was at Fyshwick I bumped into Ken who tells me the opening of the new Mitchell store has been pushed back to late September/ early October at the stage.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Some favorite finds.

Although this is my first post in this blog, I have been op-shopping in Canberra for as long as I have lived here, some 8 years or so. I think op-shopping is in my blood. I get that withdrawal mood when I haven't op-shopped for a while. ;-)

I'm going to share with you some of my all time favorite finds.
$1, Scullin Op-shop

It was covered in ugly dirty clear plastic. I almost walked out the door before went back to check it out. Bingo! Underneath the plastic was this stunning handmade embroidery. Still hanging proudly in the guest bedroom.
$8, YMCA Jamison (now Belconnen)

This is one of my earliest op-shop finds. Bought this some seven years ago and it's still being used as the most favorite TV blanket in the house. Every house guest has seen this. Also used as a background in many family photos. ;-)

What are your favorite op-shopping finds?


Okay, I know this is primarily a place for extolling the virtues of Canberra op shops. However due to working full time (doh) and a lack of Sunday opening times, I haven't had much opportunity (sorry bad pun!) to be thrifting in my home town.

I just had to share this great score though that I picked up on my way into Sydney last week. Out of the corner of my eye on the highway I spotted a big blue and red Salvos building. Hastily turning off I just managed to catch the last 20 minutes before they closed and quite politely but firmly asked me to leave. It wasn't nearly enough time, however a lovely crystal bowl set was my prize for only $8.00. The bowls are quite heavy and haven't been used much - they even have gold "Made in West Germany" stickers still attached. I am thinking they will look lovely for serving up some summery fruit salad.

The store is in Canley Heights: 136 Torrens Street CANLEY HEIGHTS NSW 2166. Ph. (02) 9724 0017.

Funnily enough as the guy helped me load my purchases into the car, he saw my number plates and mentioned that there had been a succession of Canberra people that day buying up big in the store!

Sunday 12 July 2009

Second hand Show and Tell

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

It was wonderful to have time yesterday to do one of my favorite op shop loops.

First stop was Salvos Mitchell where I picked up a book and a paper making kit for $5 total (just what I need: another hobby. But for under $5 I figured it could sit in the craft cupboard until inspiration struck. And if that never happened I could donate it to the Community Arts tent at The National Folk Festival next year)
Salvos Belconnen provided me with three CDs for $4 each: Hoodoo Gurus' Ampology (especially pleased with this one as I don't have any Hoodoo Gurus on CD and this is a very comprehensive double best of collection), Norah Jones' Come away with me and The Whitlams' Torch the moon (another double CD which contained a cover version of my favorite Icehouse track)

Keeping to the music theme, at my next stop ( Y's Buys Belconnen) I picked up some recorder tuition books for $1 each. This week I rediscovered a recorder I picked up second hand ages ago and had the sudden urge to do something with it. So I'm planning to reteach myself to read music, a skill I last used about twenty five years ago. I surprised myself last night by discovered I can play Depeche Mode's Just can't get enough by ear...
And at Vinnies Belconnen I found this.... err... thingy for $3: No idea what it is but since it looked like it could be a spinny weavy type thingy I bought it on the off chance that it could be useful for Taph. Any ideas what it might be?

Friday 3 July 2009

Lost - one Friday night date

Salvos at Phillip has ceased its flirtation with Friday night opening - most disappointed. It is, however, now experimenting with extended Saturday trading.

From this week 9.00am-4.30pm each Saturday.

Spreadsheet all up to date.

Thursday 2 July 2009

How to read an op shop...

Since discovering this blog, I've reflected a bit on how I came to be a committed op-shopper. It started as a necessity - moving to another city with no furniture and no money - but then somewhere along the line, it turned into something else. Now I find myself quite happy to walk out of an op shop empty-handed, satisfied because I know there's nothing in there for me, at least for now.

Is the art of op-shopping about intuition or developing a practised eye? Or a bit of both? For example, on my last visit to Mitchell Salvos I knew almost as I walked into the shop that I would find some clothes for my daughter, but nothing for me, and that is exactly what occurred.

But of course, the other great thing about opshopping is getting a lovely surprise, and that's what happened on the way to the counter to buy the clothes. This lovely gentleman's travel kit caught my eye (I think I have already accidentally uploaded the picture): an English-made leather case full of grooming devices, including shoe buffer, extra shoe laces, a nail file, and moustache comb!

My husband really loves these relics from an earlier, gentlemanly era. For years, I have tried to find him an old-fashioned tinderbox, but without success. But one day, I know I'll walk into an opshop, somewhere, and just 'know' that that day IS the day when I find one. For now, he is chuffed to bits with the grooming kit - I just hope he doesn't grow a mo to warrant the use of the comb...