Friday 26 April 2013


A school holiday op-shop outing to visit Y's Buys (who must have the best craft set up of any op-shop in Canberra), Salvos and Vinnies in Belconnen, and while we looked around and hunted through racks of clothes and shelves of crockery, we did not seem to find a great deal that screamed 'take me home'.

We did find a few books, knitting needles and sewing patterns to add to current collections, an old version of Sim City that  still works on our old PC and Buffy Season 1 on DVD (the universe must have heard me saying I had never seen it).

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I'm dreaming of an op-shop run

As the The Shopping Sherpa alluded to in the previous post, I had  an inkling that an op-shop run was needed - and it was not going away.

It is fun to not only have another 'I Op' colleague to work with and being able to pop out for a quick look around in a lunchtime break.

My finds are all from the Salvos at Fyshwick - I don't normally purchase 80s style dresses ($9), it's for my teenage daughter who loves to look like she goes to school with Ferris Bueller and definitely can not remember big shoulders the first time around.

Digging through the vintage sewing patterns, I found my 'score' of the day - vintage Disney cloth patches. The stash of patterns, cloth patches and tapestry threads came to a grand total of $4.

Hopefully more lunchtime trips will be planned.

A lunch run

One of the (many) fabulous things about where I work is the easy lunchtime access to a selection of op shopping ...err opportunities.

This week Teak has been muttering about her growing urge to do an op shop run and last night I had an op shopping dream. So it was clear we needed to head out at lunchtime. We chose the Fyshwick/ Narrabundah option this time.

Teak did well at Salvos Fyshwick (and has promised to share her scores here). I bought a wooden puzzle for $1, inspired by Jan Hogan's work Little Red Riding Hood which is part of the excellent 100% Books by Canberra Artists currently showing at The Watson Arts Centre.
I did very well at Vinnies Narrabundah, scoring a number of finds for my stall at next month's Sydney Miniatures Show. The plastic baskets (one large: $2, four small: $1 each) and the black and white boxes ($2.20 for the set) will be used by shoppers to hold their items while they shop the stall. And the wool (250g 8 ply in yellow: $7.50 and three balls of 4 ply: $4 total) will be used to knit my next colour range of miniature pouffes.

One and a quarter hours later, and $20.70 poorer, I returned to work a satisfied shopper.