Monday 30 December 2013

A message from Zonta...

'Girls, Girls, Girls,

Have you had the chance to clear out your wardrobe over the past twelve months?  Please think of us when you do, we want your clothes – The Zonta Club of Canberra Breakfast will be holding the sixth annual Pre-Loved Designer, Retro & Vintage Women’s Fashion Sale on Saturday 1 March 2014, and we need your help to make it a success.

This is our major fundraiser, to give women and girls a better chance at research, education and training, provide birthing kits for women in developing countries and to supply women in local shelters a small amount of necessary items e.g pyjamas and shampoo, soap.  

If you are right sizing and restyling…please give us those unworn outfits languishing in your wardrobe
your unwanted clothing can help us provide awards to assist women who have no qualifications to embark on tertiary education for the first time.

If you have good-quality, contemporary items of clothing that you can spare – including bags and scarves – let us know and we’ll come and pick them up.

Email Zonta  
with your address and phone number  to arrange collection.'

Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas opping

Thought you might find a quick round up of some northside op shop Christmas trading hours useful (of course I should have thought of this before I left the house without my camera, so phone pics it is...)

Salvos Jammo:
Ys Buys Belconnen:
 Vinnies Belconnen (who win my prize for prettiest and clearest sign, but with points deducted for use of past tense for a future event):
 And Salvos Belconnen (Who win my prize for most confusing and negative sign):
 And, finally Vinnies Dickson which is also clear and easy to understand, with bonus points for outlining normal hours and wishing us a happy Christmas:
 Speaking of Christmas, here's further proof that you can buy anything at an op shop:

The op-shop guide to the Christmas market

I saw this story on the Canberra times Web site, and figured it was worth reposting a link to it here.

I would suggest it, read it, and then go through what you are about to donate to your local op-shop.

Monday 9 December 2013

Ask and ...

Christmas baking began this weekend Chez Taph and TOF.

No sooner had the first fruit cakes hit the oven than I realised we didn't have enough cake containers for the 8 cakes to be made.

I blame the massive cull we did when moving house and finally consolidating collections in August.

A moan about not having enough Tupperware left our Facebook friends incredulous and a little gleeful at our predicament.  In a reply post I suggested a visit to the Green Shed might yield some cake tins but I secretly held little hope this close to Christmas.

Such sanguinity is borne of years of op shopping disappointments. It is a truism of op shopping that one cannot expect to find the exact thing one is after first off.

A lunchtime trip to Mugga Mugga yielded not only two Christmas themed tins in the exact sized required but a piece of furniture I described to TOF that morning to store our laptops and portable devices that I didn't know even existed.