Friday 1 March 2013

Zonta Pre-Loved Fashion Sale Preview

I accepted an invitation to a preview of the Zonta sale which is on tomorrow morning from 9am at the ATSI Culturla Centre, 245 Lady Denman Drive, Yarramundi Reach.

The preview this evening cost $22 to get in but for that we had champagne, nibbles.  I didn't eat any of the food, but it looked lovely - wee sausage rolls, quiches as well as dips and antipasto.  The bubbles were entirely acceptable.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre was stuffed full of womens clothing and accessories.

Prices ranged from $2 for scarves through to $15 for dresses.  More upmarket clothing was as marked, but very reasonable.

Everything is arranged well, and clearly signposted.  The larger-sizes section had a good selection of clothes. I scored a TS 14+ top for $10.

Shoes and handbags are $5 (unless otherwise marked for some of the better shoes).  I think I got the buy of the evening.  A pair of almost new Rockport loafers for $5 and an Oroton wallet for another $5.

I'm guessing the sombrero is still available, though.

I suggest a round trip around the lake tomorrow - start at the YMCA garage sale at Yarralumla at 8am and race over to Yarrumundi reach for 9am or close to.

And tell these women that I Op sent you.