Sunday 16 November 2008

C and G Auctions - Next Sunday

Let me introduce you to my very favourite frugalling opportunity. I do so with great reluctance because I don't want you as a competitor and thus push the prices up further.

Auctions held 2 Sundays a month - usually on the south side of Canberra. Go to this link for more information about next Sunday's auction (23 November) to be held in Martens Street, Weston.

You will notice the links down the left hand side - where you can pick up a catalogue (HTML or PDF format) and also see some pictures of what is available. For your pleasure, and temptation, I add a couple of small pictures of what is available in next Sunday' auction. The pictures on their web site are very large, and much easier to see the details.
The place of the auction opens at 9.00 - which is your time to go and examine the goods available. You buy all goods 'as is" - but I have found they are usually in excellent condition - or marked as otherwise. You must register at the auction - and use your number to indicate that you are bidding. Thy are very good auctioneers, and there is very little likelihood you will bid accidentally, unless you use the number card to wave away flies, or try to attract the attention of a friend across the room. Even then, you need to be looking directly at the auctioneer for him to take your bid.

Auction starts at 10.30 – and if you are not able to stay for the actual auction, you can register your bid with the auctioneer and he will bid for you. You would usually register your lowest / opening bid, and then the maximum you are willing to pay. If he has more than one bid on his books, he will automatically bid them out at the beginning – and lets us know this is happening.
The things I may be interested in at this auction would be
  • Selection of linen, pillowcases etc (make great material for sewing with)
  • Plastic drawers with knitting and sewing gear
  • Selection of children toys (Christmas presents)
  • Hand crocheted vintage knee rugs
  • Retro handbags, scarves, gloves and hats
  • Lace cloths
  • Scarves & Jumpers

Have fun - I find the prices are very reasonable - many times I get good stuff for $20.00 or less.

Janet McKinney

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