Sunday 16 November 2008

YMCA Garage Sale

Well - we went to the YMCA Garage Sale yesterday... and came back with

Two shopping bags stuffed full of vintage embroidery - pillowcases, supper cloths, napkins, place mats etc. ($8)

One huge bag full of craft "stuff" - lots of wool left overs, a couple of finished tapestries, bits and pieces of ribbons and lace, and so on ($5)

One box of books - nutrition books, recipe books, some wonderful pictorial of Australia books ($15)

Then Bob went to Aussie Junk - Mitchell - and found a shredder for $10. Been taking notice of the warnings about identity theft, and I have a pile of paperwork I want to get rid of. Shredding party this afternoon.

Sorry about no pictures - camera pooped

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