Friday 21 November 2008

eBay finds - a DIY project

As many of you were trawling through the various garage sales and markets on Saturday, I woke that morning with a clear knowledge of exactly what I was buying that day.

Hurrah! It was eBay-win-pickup day.

Having spied some fabulously 60's Parker-esque chairs on eBay two weeks ago, I had my battleplan all set out. Add to watch list - check. Bide my time and wait patiently for auction end - check. Swoop in within the last couple of minutes of the auction, fighting a short but brutal bidding war with just one other bidder - check.

Two minutes and $72.30 later, the chairs were mine for collection.
The orange fabric isn't quite to my liking, so that will have to go. I intended that the green fabric should go too, but it's a suprisingly sedate colour in person (and when it's not wedged in the middle of a citrus-coloured furniture sandwich). So the green might stay. A quick internet hunt for Florence Broadhurst-style print fabrics show that I would be paying more for one metre of fabric than I paid for the three chairs themselves! Scratch that idea. has shown me that there's meant to be a big fabric sale on the 29th November at Calvary Chapel in Chifley (10am - 3pm, McLaurin Cres) so I'll be hunting there for some medium-weight prints to reupholster these orange beauties - otherwise, I have a nice selection of internet fabric purchases lined up, all ready for negotiation with the man of the house..... stay tuned.

As long as my procrastination brain cell doesn't peer pressure the rest of the team into going on Chrissie holidays early, I'm hoping to having brand-new-old-non-orange-chairs to complement my Parker sideboard and dining table. Updates to follow! And look! they even recline.Some tips for other eBay thrifty hunters out there - searching for items within Canberra is ridiculously unreliable, as eBay's 'search by distance' function seems to place certain ACT postcodes well outside the ACT. I know (through my own trial and error) that the eBay system seems to think that 2600, 2601 and 2903 are all located somewhere in country NSW. Terribly frustrating for both buyers and sellers, but complaints seem to fall on deaf ears. Try searching from a few different postcodes to cover the bases... but if you come across the gleaming polished teak of a piece of genuine 60's Parker... the battle is on. You'll have ME to contend with ;)

[photos courtesy of eBay seller dblfizzion]


AMCSviatko said...

The Ebay post code search facility drives me mad. I see something within my "50 km of where I live" search that looks good and discover it's in Gosford :-/

jessica said...

unreal. those chairs are a dream!

miamoto said...

aren't they just? After flicking through the creative homes book that I won from TSS (thanks Sherpa!!) I am starting to think that classic cream-coloured fabric will look best against the warm wood. Fingers crossed I can find the perfect fabric this weekend.