Thursday 20 November 2008

Shop early at Mitchell Salvos

Yesterday at lunch a colleague and I found ourselves in Mitchell, so we dropped into the Salvation Army shop (cnr Hoskings & Lysaght Sts) for a browse. The shop was humming; two different people were unloading goods as we shopped, so evidently there's a reasonable donation / turnover rate there. A lot of clothing, some furniture and a little bric-a-brac.

My colleague picked out about 6 items to clothe her entire family, while I found a very colourful shirt with a retro-esque pattern ($3.50), and a next-to-new black cardigan ($6) (ex-Melbourne girls can't have enough black cardis) which will be put away for winter.

What was interesting was when we went to the counter to pay. The staff member explained that they have 'specials' on different coloured tags on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. I got the impression that this might be a strategy used by some other Salvos shops as well; in any case, they're very strict about applying it here. Yesterday, orange tags were half price, and green tags were reduced to $3 and $5 depending on the starting price. This meant my colourful shirt was reduced from $3.50 to $1.75 - a bargain in anyone's language.

So, as the Salvos lady said to us, "Make sure you shop early in the week!"


Taphophile said...

Yes, the colour tag system is observed in all ACT Salvos stores - the window display for the week is meant to reflect the colour on half-price but it can be difficult to discern so I just ask. Tuesdays is often the day they have other markdowns as well.

AMCSviatko said...

I never realised window display was supposed to match the colour tags on markdown that week. I must check next time I'm frugalling!