Sunday 7 December 2008

Budget? What budget?

After a week without op shopping I headed to Jamison Trash and Treasure this morning with a $30 budget: $20 from my $5 note stash (I save every $5 note that I get as change. It's quite amazing how quickly they add up) and $10 from a book I sold to Booklore this week.

All was going well. I picked up a Richard Scarry for 50 cents (anyone who knows me knows
I don't go past a Richard Scarry if I see one)It needs some mending. Little E will love it.

I grabbed a Beatrix Potter CDrom for a friend who is recreating Beatrix's house in mini: $1.

Some plants. $6.

Then I saw this:which was $80. Way beyond my budget. Also beyond the combined wallet contents of me and friend Tania who was with me. But then I discovered it was being sold by someone who I'd known professionally. And it was the only grey dressmaker's dummy I've ever seen.

So caution was thrown to the wind. I trotted galloped off to the money machine. Tania went to get her car. And thus it was that Lovely Linda now lives with me and my budget is shot to heck. (Good thing I got another food parcel this week, hey?)

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miamoto said...

I love it! dressmakers dummies are such a great investment...