Thursday 4 December 2008

It's a start...

Many of you have tried to links on the right to google maps and google docs and found they don't do anything.

Sorry about that: been on my list for a couple of weeks and tonight I finally made some time to start working on them.

The good news is there's a list of op shops and opening times there now.

The bad news is it's based on a rather elderly document I have so it's out of date. And I can't get google maps to work for me at the moment.

As I've been visiting op shops over the past few weeks I've been collecting their details. But Canberra's a big place so I'd love it if you could check details of op shops you visit regularly and verify the opening times for me. Also let me know the details for the ones I know are missing from the list at the moment.

If that's not an excuse to get out there this weekend, I don't know what is!

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