Sunday 21 December 2008

Market intelligence

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

I was going to say "I rolled out of bed super-early this morning" but that would be a lie.

So let's start again, shall we?

I rolled out of bed at my usual pre-7am time this morning and headed off to Trash and Treasure. The plan was to buy some more plants and pop into Coles to use some gift cards I'd been given for Christmas to buy a mix of essentials and Christmas treats.

But the plant people I bought from last time weren't there and the other plants didn't look to good so instead I ended up buying:
*A brand new shrink wrapped copy of House of Eliott complete series 3 for $25. Damned shame I don't have series 1 and 2 yet...
* A copy of Lonely Planet London for $4, only because I discovered recently that my name appears in it. So this isn't really a travel guide, it's actually a piece of memorabilia!
*A very cute vintage sewing machine accessories tin for $1 to replace my very boring plastic one.
* Yet another vintage row counter for 50 cents.

Don't the colours all blend nicely with each other?

(Alas, I forgot to ask the chap on the gate when they reopen in the New Year...)

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