Sunday 21 December 2008

New shoes, new chairs

On Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to sneak out of work an hour early, and car repairs in Phillip had me in the area. Perfect for a quick scour of my local ops - Salvos and Vinnies, both within 100m of each other.

Salvos close earlier than I thought they would (4.30 daily) so I only had a couple of minutes before closing time, but Vinnies is open till 5pm (every weekday), so I trudged on over after getting kicked out of Salvos to find myself a new pair of purple leather flats, $4.

I'm pretty pleased with them.

Vinnies also had a cute set of Vue multicoloured cocktail glasses, which I was heavily tempted to buy for a christmas present for someone.... anyone.... especially at the bargain price of $15 for the set. In the end I left them there, but might just have to head back tomorrow (if someone hasn't already swiped them up).

I only had my phone camera on me, and in the absence of a bluetooth to transfer the pic to PC, all I can offer is this hilariously dodgy picture of the picture on my phone. Hehehehe. Hope you can kind of get the drift.... the glasses are cocktail, coloured, slightly textures, and 100% fun.

And remember the cool chairs that I picked up on eBay?
I could go on for an hour about the process of ripping, tracing, pattern-making, pinning, cutting, trial-and-erroring... the first cover that I made was with cheap $3/m fabric picked up from the Chifley church fabric sale, which was good for a test run on my first go, but probably not the best fabric for upholstery overall. My second attempt, however, turned out much better - having smoothed out some kinks in the pattern I made, and also investing in nicer quality upholstery fabric.
It turned this:
(As much as I like orange, the covers were musty, badly stained, and clash with absolutely everything in my house...)

to this: A bit sedate, but with a gorgeous tweedy texture and a hint of colourful stripe in the weave which you can only really see close up...Success!

Time to tackle chair no. 3. I'm thinking of a similar texture fabric, but maybe in green tones.

Hope your weekend thrifty finds are fun and rewarding!

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AMCSviatko said...

Very nice job on the chair!