Monday 22 December 2008

Not really wanted

I saw this in Vinnies Gungahlin over the weekend:

I am not going to say it is the worst film ever made, but it would have to be the worst film I saw in 2008.

Even funnier is that it was released on DVD only a couple of weeks ago, and here sits a copy at a second hand shop for $3.00. Admittedly it is a R1 copy in NTSC format, but to find it like this is a surprise.

We also found these videos in the same store. PufnStuff was one of those 60s -70s kids shows, which is so full of innuendo, that even adults will find it funny. Just say the name slowly - Puf-n-stuff. Nuf said.

And finally sometimes it pays to look around. I found a second hand bookstall at a market had two copies of the Da Vinci code. One was $2 and the other was $5. I read the book ages ago, and I think even the copy for $2 is overpriced.

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