Thursday 14 May 2009

Goulburn Op-Shops - Red Cross

In Auburn Street, the Red Cross op-shop is an absolute boutique. If you didn't know it was an op-shop, a casual glance wouldn't give it away. Clothing and shoes only.

Very ritzy fit out, clothes arranged by gender and then by colour. Prices were $8 +, with a handy rack of $2 items. Items were individually priced according to quality and condition. New men's shirts in brand names were $12, used $8.
Excellent and separate collection of larger sizes. I bought a lined evening jacket in a size 24 for $8.

Shoes were $10+ but were all in new or near new condition. A selection of new sunglasses, earrings and necklaces were also available.
Also, the Baxters Boots factory shop is nearby and also worth a look. Baxters supplies boots and shoes to the Commonwealth Police - so you know they must be good. They are, I had a pair of riding boots for years and they were lovely.

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The Old Flame said...

Baxter used to make their boots at their factory in Goulburn and this was their factory outlet.

I have had several pairs of their boots and shoes over the years and i will swear by them, I have only had two pairs of boots that are tougher, One is my Old Army Combat boots (that i still wear in the garden), the other is a pair of RM Williams that i bought in 2005 and are am still wearing today. (of course what i paid for the RM Williams i could have bought four pairs of Baxters).

Now, however they have moved most of their operations to China, where there industrial/uniform boots are being made. I have had a couple pairs of their Chinese boots (never again), but they still have some of their "Aussie made" boots in the factory, and these i will always grab when i can.

A day opp shopping, and factory outlet shopping in Goulburn is well worth the visit.