Thursday 14 May 2009

Goulburn Op-Shops - Vinnies

Vinnies has two locations in Goulburn.

This shop in Auburn Arcade on Auburn street, just south of the park, is your typical Vinnies. Friendly staff who were definitely on for a laugh and a chat, clothing, small amount of craft material, shoes, brica-a-brac, a small but good collection of books and shoes. When we were there, new ugg slippers of exceptional quality were $15 a pair. Shame neither of us wears a men's size 14 or a women's 7.

Clothes were in the $6-$8 range with a good and separate selection of women's larger sizes. I brought home a pair of woollen knit trousers (to wear to the footy) for $6.

There was also a very good selection of linens.

The furniture shop is just off the main drag in Verner Street.

Furniture - nothing special when we were there; bric-a-brac - the usual; books - a good variety; and knitting patterns lots (I only bought one which is more an indication of the extent of my collection than the quantity and quality on offer, which was good).

And a bonus second hand shop next door which had a nice supply of sewing and craft materials as well as furniture, bric-a-brac and collectibles. Prices seemed pretty reasonable, too.

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The Old Flame said...

And if you are looking for lunch in Goulburn, there is a little Lebanese bakery on the main street, that is not far from the Furniture store, that does some phenomenally cheap pizzas.