Wednesday 29 July 2009

Happiness... cheaper than a cup of coffee

You read that price tag right! $2, and such a cool 60's eames-ish shape too. I wish I had a full set of these for my dining table. Adopted by me last Sunday from Woden Salvos, when they seemed to have placed a whole heap of discounted furniture out the front of the store for clearance. I wonder if they do that every Sunday? Anyone know?

Inside they had a full dining set with four classic Breuer cane chairs. It took all my willpower not to buy them, knowing they would (A) not fit in my house, and (B) not even fit in my car to get home. But I hope somebody snaps them up quickly - I can't remember the price but it was a bargain. My parents had those chairs when I was younger, and I have such a soft spot for them! The last time I saw Breurs, they were suspended from the ceiling of the V&A Museum in London as part of a modern design furniture exhibit. I personally think they are the perfect family chair - comfortable, bouncy, and infinitely more practical than a fabric or leather dining chair. I can personally vouch that Spag Bol and curry stains wipe right off a Breuer.

(Forgot to take a photo, so this stock picture will have to do... although anyone who's planning on hunting them out in Woden should note that the Salvos ones are beech coloured, not black-trimmed)


Eilleen said...

Ooooh nice chair!! What a bargain!

and I saw those Breuer cane chairs too but didn't get them for the exact same reasons you have.

I hope someone gets them soon!

AMCSviatko said...

Salvos Phillip? Sunday? Since when?!

miamoto said...

Whoops, sorry Sherpa.... maybe that should say Saturday.