Friday 31 July 2009

Aussie Junk - Mugga Closed - Mitchell still open.

I found this press release on the net.

Aussie Junk Mugga will be closing until a new service provider can be found, but Mitchell will still continue to operate. The only question with the Mitchell operation is, will be staffing changes there, and will there be a liquidators auction at Mugga?

The ACT Government advises residents of changes to the operation of the reusables facility at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.
This follows Aussie Junk being placed in liquidation earlier today following a meeting of their creditors. The reusables facility at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre will temporarily close from today until further notice. It is anticipated that the facility will open for the acceptance of goods in the near future.
“A public tender process will commence shortly to engage an operator for the Mugga Lane facility. It is anticipated that a new operator to accept and resell goods should be in the facility within three months,” said Chris Ware, Manager of ACT NOWaste.
“People will still be able to deposit reusable items at the Mitchell Resource Management Centre as Thiess Services, which has previously sub-contracted to Aussie Junk, transitions to take over management of this facility.”
Members of the public are encouraged to drop-off their reusables at the Mitchell facility or to one of the charities or businesses that accept second-hand goods for recycling or resale. Details of some of those organisations can be found in the Yellow Pages and on the Department of Territory and Municipal Services’ website
Aussie Junk voluntarily appointed an Administrator on 26 June 2009, with the appointment ratified by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission on 30 June. Following decisions taken at today’s meeting of creditors Aussie Junk Pty Ltd has been placed in liquidation.


Zoe said...

The ladies at Salvos Mitchell today thought that Aussie Junk at Mitchell was also closed - they were trying to cope with an influx of stuff that should have gone to the tip.

They had a sign out front saying they weren't accepting things meant for "Assie Junk" - not sure if that was a typo;)

The Old Flame said...

I went for a drive past the Mitchell Waste transfer station recycling centre. It was all closed up, but there was a tip employee, sorry Mitchell Waste transfer station employee sitting at the drop off zone for the recycling centre vetting what was left. The shop itself was closed up.

I took some photos and will post about this later.

(this was all so much easier before we had to use New-speak).

Anonymous said...

I purchased a piano at the mugga lane Aussie Junk over a month ago and paid for delivery. I still haven't received it. I called them up each week to be told it would arrive within a few days at my address and that the driver was sick. I called them today only to find the phone numbers disconnected. I am guessing that I will not be getting my piano any time soon...
Does anyone have any contact details that I can call the owner??

Anonymous said...

I have knowledge that David ridell has all information required in relation to this matter thx for ur query! David works for act no waste and is awaitin your call sorry have been in Bali on holidays