Tuesday 4 August 2009

Op shopping online?

This came through one of the Library list serves I belong to last week: (in part)

"The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) established an online books facility recently, selling second hand books. All monies raised flows back into the BSL so that we can continue to provide services for the disadvantaged members of our community. Although not officially launched yet, sales from Brotherhood Books have been strong and are increasing, and as a result, we need more stock!

Giving books a second chance"

So now you can op shop 24/7 in Australia (many thrift stores in the USA have an eBay presence already).

The question is will other op shops follow? And how will this affect the bricks and mortar op shop experience: will the best bits be held to sell online?


Eilleen said...

I hope that the online shop will be regarded as just another branch as opposed to being the "premium" store and the brick and mortar branches being the "reject" store.

Still, I have to say its kinda cool that brotherhood books now have an online presence! If it raises more revenue for them then that's great!

I know that there is certainly room in the op shop market for both an online and b&m presence.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the night this message went up and my books arrived today. Happy with the service but they do use a courier and that cost $8.00. Would have been cheaper to use Aust Post. I'm housebound at the moment so any extra entertainment is worth the price!!