Wednesday 18 November 2009

Mystery object!

I bought this today at the Salvo's Bargain Basement in Fyshwick. It was a bargain too, I spotted it on the way out the door and was told what I'd paid for a few other bits and pieces "covered that too, love".
It's stainless steel, about 10 cm from beak to tail. The centre flap comes up (as you see) and has a small hole in it. The base says: 18-8 Stainless Steel Hong Kong. So probably not a salt cellar? Some other kind of condiment container? A toothpick holder? Anyone know or have any other ideas?
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Phil said...

It's for squeezing a wedge of lemon at the table. Place the wedge in, skin side down. The essence of superfluity.

Zoe said...

Thanks, Phil!

I posted a link to this on twitter and Phil knew straight away. I could have spent - oh, minutes more -trying to work this out, but now I'm just going to let the kids play squeezies with it.

Taphophile said...

It's very sweet (or should that be sour?)

Zoe said...

Sweet, yes, but as is often the way - doesn't work so well!

Anonymous said...
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