Sunday 15 November 2009

whisky for pigs

It's a sad and sorry state of affairs that has made me too busy for op-shopping lately. On Friday I headed to my usual Phillip haunts for the first time in yonks (read: months), and it was like greeting an old friend - one that seldom fails to give me a nice afternoon and a bit of a giggle.
This is, I think, a whiskey glass. It's larger than a shot glass, but smaller than a regular drinking glass. Marked with a measuring point for ladies, gents, and pigs. I was struck with a bit of braindeadness when I picked it up in Salvos, and stared at it for a full minute before I got the joke. $1 later, it was mine.
Also from Salvos - two large blue-grey - let's say duck-egg blue, shall we? - pitchers, which are perfect for my growing collection of blue and green tableware for the 2010 wedding, and are generally gorgeous for holding flowers around the house. I've already got one working full of roses and peonies. At $5 each, they look like ceramic but I suspect they're enamel.... they clang with a tinny kind of sound. I almost half hope they are enamel - being a total klutz at most activites, I trust they'll last longer that way.
The plates aren't for the wedding (which is a shame, being the perfect seafoam green colour for it), but were an irresistable bargain at $5.50 for the set of 6, from Vinnies. Both Vinnies and Salvos have a minimum $10 eftpos purchase, and I had zero cash in my wallet, so I had to find something else to buy in order to bring my total purchase over the limit.
Enter Mr. Tony Bianco.
A cute strappy pair of party heels, $15.50. In practically new condition, too. I was sold.... and marvelled at why a girl would give away such cute shoes?
It's a good idea to remember that eftpos limit when headed to the Phillip op shops. There aren't any convenient ATMs in a 1 km radius of the two stores (unless you count making a cash withdrawal from KFC, but I suspect you have to make a purchase first.) Also, both stores now have a no-plastic bags policy, which is another thing that I frequently forget - a policy which I fully support, but silently cursed which lugging my booty of strappy heels, 6 entree plates and 2 giant enamel pitchers clanging together back towards my car. The pitchers, in particular, made merry music (not forgetting the little pig whiskey glass tucked away inside). Good thing they turned out to be enamel.


AMCSviatko said...

Great scores. And thanks for the reminder about the ATM situation in that area.

Taphophile said...

Had to giggle - my Dad used to say that giving whisky to women was like giving strawberries to pigs. Very sexist of him, but your piggy glass made me smile.