Monday 8 March 2010

Buttoned down

TOF and I celebrated Canberra Day (acutally on the 12th, but we had the day off today), in a way that John Gale and the other advocates of this region for the National Capital would approve - we supported the economy of Queanbeyan.

The Bargain Hunter was the smartest of the four Queanbeyan op shops - it had a Canberra Day sale, marking down the half-price summer stock to $2 a piece where we picked up some yoga pants, a couple of shirts and a Geelong Cats t-shirt for my nephew.

At Vinnies, I picked up 3 vintage Patons patterns for the collection for 10c each.

My favourite buy, though, was in the little Salvos shop (not the Family Store), where I picked up all these gorgeous vintage leather buttons for $6 and we found a piece of hard to find Tupperware for $2.

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