Friday 12 March 2010

A question from a reader:

Hi There,

Love your Op Blog, and I love Op shops! I will be in Canberra for this weekend, and hoping you can give some advice on the best op shops where I'd find:

* Toddler clothes (age approx 2yrs girls)

* Toys - the kind that are good quality like Fischer Price (I dont mind how old)..

I'll be staying in Gunghalin, but don't mind travelling around Canberra (I am a committed op shopper!)



Harp Lounge said...

Most op shops are only open on Saturdays not Sundays, the ones I've seen with the most toddlers' clothing are the big Salvos at Fyshwick (near the markets), Mitchell, and Woden (where JB Hi Fi used to be). Not sure about the toys because I'm usually not looking for toys!

On Sunday, you could try the Trash N Treasure at Jamison, I saw a few stallholders with kids' clothes and toys there last week.

Taphophile said...

Saturday closest to Gunghalin is Vinnies in Gungahlin (not good for toys but ok for clothes) and Salvos in Mitchell which is pretty good for both.

Sunday you can try the markets at Jamison and the Ys Buys shop in Belconnen which is open until 1pm. Not sure about toys there, but clothes are ok.

Eilleen said...

Vinnies in Tuggeranong are pretty good with toys. I've bought some great ones there.

And trash and treasure in Woden are also pretty good with toys - there's a lady there that sells a lot of second-hand lego.