Thursday 11 March 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa

Spare money + spare time at lunch = a trip to the local op shop, not more than a block away from work. Sadly, it's been almost a month since i've been able to do any op shopping.

I picked up yet another pair of cropped denim pants. ($5. Do I need them? No. Do they make me happy? Yes)

And a bag containing almost 200g of
Studio Mohair and a couple of balls of other fluffy white stuff ($3. Do I need it? No. Especially after a recent delivery of a gift which I now dub Mohair Mountain. Does it make me happy? Yes)And while we're on the subject I found my $30 Witchery voucher a couple of days ago and cashed it in:Leather conditioner for my wonderful, faithful, most favorite EX23 vintage leather satchel ($0 but RRP $12.95. Do I need it? Hell yes!) and a palette of eyeshadows to replace random containers that have been banging round for far too many cruise adventures ($0, RRP $19.95 but marked down to $14.95. Do I need it? Not just yet, but maybe sometime soon...)

There's still money left on the card but unless I fancy a set of overpriced hair elastics it'll stay there and slowly rot.

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