Thursday 19 August 2010

An intriguing email...

This landed in my inbox today:

"Hi there, I work for Anglicare – Canberra & Goulburn and wondered if you have heard about our 2 new shops?

First there is “The Purple Patch” on Auburn St Goulburn – utilising the old name in a big new beautiful shop. And now also “Take 2” at 11 Cowper St Ainslie, 6248 9692, (where the sadly missed Angels Boutique used to be). Take 2 has been open for a week and a day and is settling gently into the welcoming Ainslie Community. We hope that you’ll drop into one or both stores and say Hi

cheers Sarah"

Anyone visited either of these new op shops?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i've been to the purple patch. very nice inside, but in my opinion the prices reflected the interior. a little pricey i thought. but everything is colour coded which is nice.

don't know anything about the ainslie one. will have to go and check it out! thanks for sharing!