Thursday 12 August 2010

Making Good Use

Macksville is a favourite frugalling haunt on the mid-North coast.   It has 3 op-shops.  One run by the local Anglican community, a Vinnies and a Salvos Red Shield shop.

I have no idea what I will do with this roll of wallpaper, but at 50c it was coming home with me.  TOF and I have been singing the Wombles song (much to the annoyance of my mother) and think it may well be our anthem.


Unknown said...

I am very jealous - Wombles wallpaper.

AMCSviatko said...

I am so jealous that I'll neglect to point out that where you are is not exactly within an hour's journey of Canberra.

But at least one of the team is posting something, right?

Michelle said...

If I had that wallpaper, I'd make the study a Wombles Room. Excellent find!

Boganette said...

Totally awesome. I want it!