Sunday 26 September 2010

Take 2

A couple of weeks ago TSS received this email asking why we did not have Take 2 on our list.

So Taph and I had to pay it a visit.

Our first attempt was on a Monday, when the shop was closed. We had a look through the windows and decided we must visit again.

A couple of weeks later we were driving down Limestone Avenue at 11:50 on a Saturday morning, we found our car gripped by a strange force, and we found ourselves parked in the All Saints car park.

From there it is a short stroll over to the op shop that is located next to the church hall.

It was not the smallest op-shop i have been in, however that op-shop was located in a one-horse country town.
Its mens wear range was very limited, but happily very cheap. The shirt i bought was only $1. According to Taph, it womens wear range is limited but select, with the stock they have being good brands.

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