Wednesday 19 January 2011

Salvos launches its first online store

Ripped from 7 news online:

Tom Morgan, AAP January 19, 2011, 12:17 pm

Australians can go charity shopping at the click of a button with the Salvos launching its first online store.

The website will give people the opportunity to shop online with a conscience, the charity hopes.
With retailers complaining that websites such as eBay are hurting local stores, the Salvation Army believes its idea will help shoppers find an online bargain while giving a helping hand.

"We believe that this is the first website of its kind in Australia," Salvos general manager Neville Barrett told reporters on Wednesday.

"This is fantastic and means that Australians will be able to access hundreds of unique items from Salvos stores across the country. This is a great initiative."

The website was the brainchild of several community members who told the Salvation Army they would like to have access online, saving them the hassle of trawling through clothing rails.

Hundreds of items - mainly clothes - has already been uploaded onto the website. They'll be replaced as stock is sold.

Mr Barrett said the website was another step toward ensuring the charity remained relevant and to prevent funds diminishing with the Salvos' especially work cut out providing aid during Australia's flood crisis.

"It's important that Salvos Stores is relevant and accessible within all communities across Australia, which we do through our local presence and now actively in social media and our new online store," he added.

The public will be able to make their first purchases from 9am (AEDT) on Thursday.

The launch coincides with the start of Shopping with a Conscience month, aimed at inspiring Australians to shop with the environment and community in mind at Salvos Stores online and in the local community.

Salvos Stores has increased its product range to include new household items such as toiletries and cleaning products

The first Salvos Stores online site can be accessed at and delivery will be free for online purchases made before April 19

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