Saturday 12 March 2011

Recent Finds

I have not posted here for a while - I really have not had much luck finding anything I want to 'bring home'.

Last weekend at Fash'n'Treasure I picked up this great 1960's dress for $5 - bot sure if I am keen on the high neck - but the fabric is great. I also purchased a Jaeger of London mauve hat. Not that it is something I would normally wear, but my favourite op-shop purchase of all time is an 1960's Jaeger orange wool jacket (picked up circ. 1992 for $5) and I still wear it every winter.

And today, I visited R-Shop in Mitchell (picking up books: vintage Disney, ABBA and Pollyanna), before heading to Salvos in Mitchell where I had found a purchased more books (Judy Bloom)

In the Salvos at Mitchell I had a bit of an op-shop dilemma - finding a fabulous orange glass vase (the sticker reads Radio Brand Hand Crafted Japan); but the price was more 'antique-shop' than 'op-shop'. The vase came home - it was orange, how could it not come home!

I also picked up a old (not-used) Snoopy scrapbook - I am sure it was published before the days scrap-booking became popular. My mum is a collector of all things 'Peanuts', so this will be gifted to her. Oh, it came with a free photo!

Our final stop was Salvos in Phillip, my only purchase a Vogue pattern. I am trying to limit pattern purchases to vintage or 'by designer' patterns.


Unknown said...

hehe, i saw that vase yesterday and thought someone would love it

Taphophile said...

Nice haul, Teak :). Am coveting the Oscar de la Renta skirt pattern.