Wednesday 17 June 2009

all classifieds missing their niche?

I'm just organising myself to advertise some furniture on All Classifieds, but have been brought up a bit short on the fee for including a photo with the ad. $15! My experience with online trades is that without a photo, you might as well not bother...but at that price, some of my pieces aren't worth advertising at all.

True to the spirit of thrifting, I don't want to make a massive profit. I want to move some things along to people who appreciate them, and in so doing create some space for the new things that I'll inevitably pick up in the future. I like the idea of selling local too.

Should I be a crank and write to suggesting that it would make good business sense to reduce the price of photo ads and thus attract more customers? At $5 a photo ad, I know I'd list a lot more. And, hopefully, all the vast collective of stuff in greater Canberra would rotate through the population a bit better too.

On a happier note, I went to Mitchell Vinnies today and did very well. It's quite likely I cross paths in op shops with other bloggers from 'I Op' all the time! Is there an secret sign to look out for?


Janet McKinney said...

why not post the photo to your blog, and then put the link into the all classifieds ad?

Unknown said...

I listed some items on all classifieds (no photo) just over a week ago - no photos so far.

I think I am going to try the Canberra Times free listings on a Tuesday.

AMCSviatko said...

Cheap Thrills: I had been vaguely thinking of suggesting an I Op meetup. What do others think?

Taphophile said...

Can you put the images on flick with a link from All Classifieds. $15 is a lot for a photo.

Maybe we need a t-shirt, or a secret sign.

Anonymous said...

I sell and buy things on classifieds, I just ask people to email me a picture and its never a drama :). Keep it cheap and it will sell IMHO.

Unknown said...

Yeah either email or perhaps post it on a website that you can say "Go here to see pictures of items" Or is that cheating? Not sure what your rules are, or what the newspaper rules are.

Cheap Thrills said...

Thanks for all the helpful comments. I'm going to try different approaches for each item and tell you the success rate!